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Highway to San Diego is Dana Point,
beach resorts of Southern California,
The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. On
theway, you could stop at Anaheim,
the locationof theoriginal resort.
Sitting dramatically above the
sweepingbeaches of OrangeCounty,
The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel is the
perfect place to regard Californian
beach culture. A word of warning
though, there is a sensible reasonwhy
you see so many surfers wearing
wetsuits and it hasmore to dowith
the fact that the coastal Pacific
currents tend to run southwards
from much chillier waters!
Notwithstanding, nearby Dana
Point Harbour is an excellent
place to spend a day sailing, visit
Catalina Island or wrestle with
some deep sea fishing. Laguna
Beach is alsoworthvisiting. Thisquirky,
bohemian seaside community is full of
restaurants, art galleries, studios and
At the end of the trail lies California’s
second largest and eldest city, San
Diego, with a legacy stretching back to
Spanish Colonial rule. It is also the
birthplaceof all that isCalifornian.
Many of its key attractions are within a
shortdistanceof theattractiveand lively
bay-front downtown district. Must do’s
include theworld-renowned SanDiego
Zoo, Spanish Colonial Balboa Park,
Seaworld, theGaslightDistrict andeven
avisit to thevenerable, but retired liner,
Queen Mary in neighbouring Long
Beach. Jumpon anoldTownTrolley for
a city tour or take the Tijuana Trolley
(andpassport) foraday tripsouthacross
theborder intoMexico!
In this road trip we have cruised along
golden coasts and into the desert,
(hopefullywith the hooddown and the
sun at our backs!). We have traced the
footstepsof the starsandchilledout like
the locals quote a song title by the
West Coast band, The Eagles, cruising
SouthernCaliforniasure isagloriousway
to “take iteasy!
Blending luxury with the authentic spirit of
relaxed Southern California living, Rancho
Valenciawelcomes itsguestswithpassionand
grace.Near thechicbeachesofLaJollaandDel
Mar, this isanexclusiveand tranquilhideaway
set among 18hectares of rollinghills, orange
grovesandgardens full of hibiscusandcacti.
Reminiscent of Spanish-colonial haciendas,
includinghand-painted tilework and custom
furnishings. With its world-renowned tennis
program, innovativecuisineand rejuvenating
spa, and year-round sunny climate, Rancho
Valencia is the perfect place to discover this
beautiful SanDiego region.
Rancho Valencia
, RanchoSantaFe, near SanDiego
relaxedSouthernCalifornian living
Driving timesanddistances
LosAngeles toSantaBarbara
Distance - 145Kms
DrivingTime - 2hours15minutes
LosAngeles toPalmSprings
Distance - 190Kms
DrivingTime - 2hours45minutes
LosAngeles toDanaPoint
Distance - 105Kms
DrivingTime - 2hours45minutes
(quick route)
DrivingTime - 3hours45minutes
(sceniccoastal route)
DanaPoint toSanDiego
Distance - 105Kms
DrivingTime - 1hour25minutes
(1hour5minutes toRanchoSantaFe)
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