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urtain Bluff is a bit of a legend in
international hotel circles. Dating back to
the late 1950’s its phenomenal potential
was noted on an aerial reconnaissance over
southern Antigua by American pilot, Howard
Hulford, who spotted a spectacular beach-flanked
bluff. He liked it somuchhe built his ownprivate
home here as well as an exclusive hotel with just
enoughaccommodation forhis friends.
Sadly, the familiar figureof the cigar-smokinghost
isno longerwithus,but thankfullyhissublimehotel
endures under the careful ownership of his wife,
Chelle. Indeed, over the decades this clubby
beachfront estatehasgrown intoaworld-class 72-
room resortwitha two-million-dollar spa, first-rate
sporting facilitiesandagorgeouspool togowith its
twogorgeousbeaches. Andas if thiswas alreadya
good thing, prettymuch everything is included in
The trueessenceofCurtainBluff isunderpinnedby
its long-serving team,whoextend to theirguests a
warmwelcomemore akin to a personal invitation
to a tropical house party. You may be drawn to
CurtainBluff for the first time in thebelief that you
are staying at a mere 5-star luxury resort but on
returning itwill feel likea secondhome!
Taking inspiration from both classic European and
accompaniedby finewines*both at the courtyard-
style restaurant of the Estate House or at the
Languiddays&mellow nights
CurtainBluff, the legendaryCaribbean resort that loves towelcomeback itsguests.
*CurtainBluffhasoneofthebestwinecellars inthewholeCaribbean.
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