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will be fundamental to your holiday. You will certainly
need to rentacar togetaroundandyoushouldexpect to
stay in relaxedaccommodationen-route. Indeed, someof
the classic hotels spotlighted are famed for their relaxed
styleandunderstated luxury.
Angeles, the “City of Angels”. Its climate has often been
described as “perfect” andwith good reason. Most days
are sunny and warm, with gentle ocean breezes in the
summer.Thehumidity is lowwith littlerain. In fact itwould
be fair to say that therearenounpleasant seasons.
Covering an area 20 times the sizeofManhattan you can
easily devote a goodweek to unravelling the sights and
taking in the cosmopolitanbuzz. LA is the entertainment
capital of theworld, a culturalmeccaboastingmore than
300museums. Thereare “must-see” touristattractions like
the iconicChineseTheatrealongwith theWalkof Fame’s
collectionof stars (numbering2,482, andgrowingbyone
ortwoamonth),visitaworkingHollywood filmstudio (see
below), strut your stuff on the “hip” boardwalk of Venice
Beach, shop until you drop on Rodeo and Ventura
Boulevards, attend a music concert, take in the city’s
famous street art ...the list goes on and on but with so
Affectionately known as the ‘Pink Palace’,
The Beverly Hills Hotel is famous for
legendaryserviceand legendaryguests.
Over thepast 100 years, Hollywood stars
haveenjoyed the timelessglamourof this
dramatically beautiful setting, attracted
by the relaxed resort-feel and seamless
service. Located on Sunset Boulevard in
the centre of Beverly Hills, the hotel is
surrounded by 12 acres of lush, tropical
gardensandexotic flowers.
Remaining faithful to the original
architectureand interiordesign, thehotel
has been carefully renovated topreserve
itssupreme levelofcomfortand flair. Stay
instyle ina luxurious room, spacioussuite
oropt for a secludedprivatebungalow.
By the palm-tree lined pool, complete
withnewly refurbishedprivate cabanas,
enjoy refreshingcomplimentarypoolside
mini ice-cream sundae and mojito pop
treats, or dine at the acclaimed Cabana
Café. For the ultimate in relaxation,
experiencea revitalising spa treatmentat
TheBeverlyHillHotel SpabyLaPrairie.
The famousPoloLounge restaurant is the
place to be in Beverly Hills, while Bar
Nineteen12 isamust for regular livemusic
and spectacular views of the colourful
California sunsets.
, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
The“PinkPalace”that lends itsnametotheLA’schicestsuburb
Everwanted tobe treated likeamoviestar?
TheUniversal Studios VIP Experience lets
youenjoy just that. Thisuniqueexperience
includes an extensive guided tour of the
its motion picture studio with access to
areas of the studio lot that the general
publicnever sees.
Your VIP guidewill also escort you to the
Park’smost popular rides and attractions,
taking you in via special exclusive VIP
the vast Park on your own, when you can
skip thequeues at everyattraction, get the
bestseats inthehouse foreveryshow,enjoy
adeliciousgourmet lunch, andmore.
Included in theVIPExperience
ledbyaspecially trainedguide.
Theopportunity toexplore locationsand
sets closed to thegeneral public.
Tourof ourworld-famousmulti-story
propwarehouse, foley stagesandother
studio facilities.
Frontof Lineaccess toALLThemePark
VIP reserved seatingatALLThemePark
Gourmet Lunch, ValetParkingupon
arrival and somuchmore!
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