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One Eleven is an adult's only luxury abode of discretion that
infusesanoasisofcalmand relaxation in theheartof fashionable
Seminyak. Its sleekminimalist architecture translatesa Japanese
feelwith theuseofnaturalwoodand stone.
Each of the spacious 9 striking villas is the philosophy of an
idyllic life, one with plenty of space for contemplation and
nothing todistract theeyeor themind -whereall you’vegot to
do is soak in the big tub with the his and her amenities
provided, sunbathe by the pool, maybe relax in the big sunny
living roomwith a book before walking across your lawn to
yourprivate, glassed-ingazebo for a spa treatment. (Why share
ahotel spaor abutlerwhenyouhaveyour own?).
Private spaces atOneEleven, Bali
With two privately owned Hotels in Morocco, Edward
and Tara Lyle have created an enticing option to split
timebetween townandcountryona trip toMarrakech.
Why not spend a few days taking in the sights and
sounds of the souks with the privilege of a ringside
seat right in the middle of the Medina. Completely
renovated, the 7bedroomRiadCapaldi is unusual for
its generous entertaining spaces - the entire ground
floor isgiven toa library, salon, dining roomandpool.
With all the shopping and the sights of the Red City
completed then travel 45minutes to the foothillsof the
AtlasMountains to stay at TheCapaldi, a luxury retreat
setamidquietolivegroves. It istheperfectcomplement
to a stay in the city for those looking to relax but the
many activities onoffer in the surrounding countryside
will alsoappeal to themoreadventurous.
Townand country -Thebest of both
worldswithCapaldi inMarrakech
Explore theCaribbeanas you like it,
aboardyour own floatingvilla!
Necker Belle is a magnificent 32 metre catamaran,
sailing tailor-made itineraries for up to12guests.With
spacious common areas and four beautifully
appointed cabins with ensuites, she is perfectly
designed for fun and relaxation. So with the cool
Caribbean sea as your playground, this world class
super yachtwith its crewof sevenand fabulousVirgin
service is aperfect choice for tropical cruising.
Days aboardNecker Bellewill be spent enjoying the
clearwaters of theCaribbean, whether anchored ina
private cove, docked in a world famous marina,
cuttingup the seaon apair ofwater-skis, trying your
hand at game fishing or marvelling at the vibrant
marine life with scuba tanks strapped to your back.
This is your chance to explore the Caribbean as you
like it, aboard your own floating villa!
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