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pice Coast Cruises sails in the enchanting backwaters of

Kottayam. It opens up a journey through the heartland of Kerala

in a traditional houseboat - the Kettuvallam. Whilst offering

luxurious accommodation of either one or two bedrooms only natural

and local materials are used for the interiors - coir matted decks and

canopies made of split bamboo and palm fronds. This simplicity is

reflected even in the meals, prepared by the boatman and served on

board. There are no noisy diesel generators on board a Spice Boat.

Electric power is courtesy of the solar panels affixed to the roof. The soft

putting you hear is the sound of the outboard motor running on

vegetable oil which is a safer alternative fuel.

God’s Own Country

Discovering the southern state of Kerala with CGH Earth


eemingly endless narrow channelsmeander into large coastal lagoons from the

lush interior of Kerala. It is a bountiful land, full of colour, tradition and fine cuisine

and has aptly earned thismost southern state the accolade of “God’s own country”.

You could just head to Kerala for its excellent beach resorts, but the stunning diversity warrants

further exploration including the historic port city of Cochin with its varied colonial legacy - the

Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese all impacted the history and development of Cochin.

Of course, the extensive network (1,500km) of canals, rivers and lakes that skirt the entire coastline

of the province offer extensive opportunities to embark on cruises, but those seeking a more

regenerative experience will appreciate that Kerala is renowned for Ayurvedic treatment. We are

delighted to feature below some of the varied properties of CGH Earth, who have an impressive

portfolio of resorts throughout the region as well as neighbouring Pondichery and Tamil Nadu.



oored on a historic stretch of Cochin's famed harbour, the

Brunton Boatyard Hotel is a tribute to another age.

Resurrected from the remains of a Victorian shipbuilding yard,

it gives the modern traveller a unique opportunity to dwell amidst the

shadow-plays of 19th century history. Designed and built in the style

and principle of the early Dutch and Portuguese architecture of Fort

Cochin it is hard to believe that the Brunton is a new building since it

resembles the old colonial buildings of Cochin.

Brunton Boatyard



yurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, finds its purest

expression in the tranquil hill country surroundings of Kalari

Kovilakom or on the restful lakeside at Kalari Rasayana. Both

resorts offer the ideal environment for treatment in elegant

accommodation. Totally binding, yet liberating. Extremely demanding,

yet fulfilling. All in an out-of-this world ambience that is not disturbed

by the telephone or the television. Backed by a head-on-shoulders-feet-

on-ground policy that does not permit wine, tobacco and shoes. It is

total surrender to the healing power of Ayurveda.

Kalari Kovilakom


Spice Coast Cruises


Kalari Rasayana