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here else on our planet can you discover such a rich

geographic and cultural mix as across the Indian

Subcontinent. From the roof of the world of the

mighty Himalayas to the silky sands of Sri Lanka’s beautiful

beaches travellers of many persuasions will be enthralled by the

diverse and unforgettable experiences that await them.

For some the lure will be motivated by the need to relax and

recharge in some of the world’s best wellness retreats and

destination spas, whilst others will want to be awed by the

cultural adventures of touring Rajasthan. Stay in historic

palaces, ride sumptuous trains, cruise in style through the

backwaters of Kerala, trek in the foothills of the Himalayas,

search for the elusive Bengal tiger or camp under the stars in

the Thar desert - anything is possible for all ages ...the only

limit is your imagination!

The Indian Subcontinent has witnessed incredible economic

growth over the last few decades, and this is mirrored in an

explosion of its tourism infrastructure. The European traveller

may feel assaulted by the sheer choice of accommodations and

as is often the case, confused as to the real quality on offer. For

this reason this special feature has been compiled in close

collaboration with the Exquisite Travel Club, an Australia-based

specialist resource company, whose founders, Naveen & Amrita,

have personally visited over 2,000 properties across India, Sri

Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal - view

The result of their investigations is a collection in the region of

200 hotels, camps and resorts that fit their 4 key criteria of having

passionate management, giving a true reflection of their locality,

delivering unique cultural experiences and, as is most

appreciated in the protection of the environment, a sensitivity

towards the local ecology and upliftment of the local economy.


yurveda is the

medical side

of yoga. It’s

India’s traditional

natural healing

system, which has

been practiced for

over 5,000 years.

Ayurvedic resorts

have become

popular destinations

for relaxation and

rejuvenation in India,

while ayurvedic

hospitals cater for

people seeking

ayurvedic treatment

for more serious

health problems.

Exploring the extraordinary diversity of the Indian Subcontinent

Wellness &


Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Ananda in the Himalayas, Near Rishikesh, Northern India


ollow in critically acclaimed explorer, LevisonWood’s Himalayan footsteps, and experience

stunning scenery and serenity at Ananda in the Himalayas. This destination spa retreat

offers a selection of rewarding adventure pursuits, in addition to wellness experiences

using Ayurveda, meditation and yoga. Trek across the snow-capped Himalayan Ranges, tame

the white-water rapids of the Ganges, and observe incredible wildlife in the Rajaji National Park.

Perfectly placed in the grounds of the Maharaja’s Palace Estate, and offering views of the mystic

River Ganges and down to the holy city of Rishikesh, Ananda in the Himalayas offers a majestic

stay in one of the world’s most picture perfect locations.