Travel Dream - Winter 2017/18

8 Y ou will have seen it on TV, now experience it in real life with “Earth Journeys” created by Tauck in collaboration with leading filmmakers. From frozen worlds to tropical jungles, shallow seas to African plains; our planet is filled with unforgettable adventures in the most magical natural realms. Join like-minded adventurers as Tauck take you on a journey to discover what inspires the world’s greatest nature filmmakers, offering you a backstage pass to experience, in person, places, people, animals and stories relating to a major natural history series. This enhanced, touring experience will reveal nature’s most incredible stories enhanced by professional content, including hands-on use of field equipment to see how these filmmakers reveal nature’s secrets, bespoke videos created for each destination, and educational touches. All to bring you a fresh perspective on our planet. For instance, Travel to wild Alaska between July and September 2018 on a small group tour of about 30 Tauck guests! This ten-day adventure takes you away from the well-travelled routes of the Inside Passage to less-visited places of spectacular beauty and one-of-a- kind experiences. Take a flight over the vast glacier-clad landscapes and peaks of Denali (America’s highest mountain), cruise the Kenai Fjord, known for its resident sea lions, dolphins, whales, bald eagles and dramatic vistas. Watch brown bears on Crescent Lake in salmon season, where the brown bears are close and numerous. Visit a kennel that raises champion sled dogs and participate in a wilderness hike with an expert naturalist guide who will impart invaluable knowledge and insights, meeting wildlife (like bison, elk, bears, and caribou) up close at a refuge for displaced and orphaned animals. During the course of the tour guests can expect first hand involvement with the ingenious gadgets and equipment used by professional wildlife photographers and filmmakers that may include camera traps. Wild Alaska Earth Journeys in the spectacular wilderness with Tauck