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Issue 5

Welcome to the latest issue of our regular

travel magazine where we hope to entice

you with a varied selection of worldwide

holiday ideas and destinations to treat

yourself, partner, family or a group of friends

to a well-earned break.

With predictions of a colder (and no doubt

wetter) than normal UK winter you will be

happy to see that this issue dedicates many

pages to destinations that promise suitably

warm winter holiday options.

A focal point for many trips to the Indian

Ocean and beyond is Dubai, an important

global air travel hub, and the headquarters

of award-winning airline, Emirates. Dubai is a

spectacular year round destination, with

miles of pristine beaches, a sophisticated

and modern city infrastructure including a

series of man-made islands whilst the

nearby desert offers a more traditional yet

beguiling contrast. We therefore begin our

journey across the Indian Ocean with an

introduction to this jewel of the UAE before

moving onwards to Mauritius, Sri Lanka and

finally, Indonesia.

Looking westwards, we review the luxury

villa scene in Barbados, a particularly

popular Caribbean island. Also, with terrific

fares available to New York, why not

consider a stay at Manhattan’s most exciting

and new, Ian Schrager hotel, The New York


Our special feature offers a number of

diverse suggestions on multigenerational

travel. Keeping everybody happy when an

extended family group share a holiday

requires careful consideration so we hope

that we can give you some useful ideas!

Whether you are looking for a beach

getaway, a city break, a river cruise or just

news on some of the world’s finest hotels

and resorts we are sure this issue will inspire

you, so sit back, have a read, then give us a

call to discuss your travel plans.


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Bramley, Guildford

Surrey GU5 0AZ

Published by Travelspeak Limited - 020 8944 6050 -


Pam Jackman

Jo Wishart

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