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ne of the fastest growing sectors for travel in recent years has

been multigenerational holidays. This confirms a growing

appetite by grandparents especially to spend more time with

both their children and grandchildren on holiday. Traditionally this simply

translated into a welcome extra set of hands for overworked and underplayed

parents. However, recent trends show that the aging “baby boomer”

generation, now proud grandparents, have become strategic holiday planners

and accustomed to numerous trips a year of which the opportunity to bring their

extended family together on a special trip is high on their list. Of course, the winning formula for a

memorable extended family gathering is to ensure that everyone gets a proper break, engaging in

their own particular hobbies, relaxing where required and capturing the excitement of the

destination at their own speed. With careful consideration of this conundrum here are some suggestions:



igh on the wish list for the ideal multigenerational holiday has to be an ocean cruise.

Celebrity Cruises state-of-the-art fleet offer the perfect environment in which to enjoy a

wide variety of activities, facilities and dining options, ensuring that all age groups are

superbly looked after. With numerous ports of call enroute the family will have many exciting

destinations to share from cultural adventures in the cities of Europe to exploring the great

outdoors in Alaska and The Caribbean.

Spacious and comfortable Veranda accommodation is perfect for families and small groups, with all of

the features of a standard stateroom, plus: two beds convertible to queen size, second bedroomwith

one twin bed, floor to ceiling glass doors leading to a veranda complete with outdoor seating. And

once you step out of the comfort of your stateroomeveryone will head in their own special directions,

to kids clubs and sports, the teenager “X” club, adult dance classes or perhaps a soothing massage at

the spa. And when it is time to congregate in the

evening it will be for a special meal all

together and a chance to share stories

of the day’s events onboard.

Plain Sailing

Just the right mix to keep everyone happy on a Celebrity Cruise