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Montenegro is a small country with a big punch.
Since gaining independence fromneighbouring
Serbia in 2006, this tiny Balkan Republic has
made great strides to establish itself as a year-
round, quality tourist destination offering a
stunning landscape of soaring mountains,
Europe’s most southerly fjord and an idyllic 293
km stretch of long beaches and craggy coves
bordering the warm, blue waters of the Adriatic.
It is no wonder that Montenegro has witnessed
a flood of investment and a rush to buy property.
Along themeandering shoreline of Boka Bay there
are several historic lakeside towns with beautifully
preserved medieval stone buildings that reflect
the rich architecture of the Renaissance republic
of Venice, who governed the coastal regions
until 1797. Today, the most popular towns of
Budva and Kotor have a contemporary-chic
atmosphere, with a burgeoning supply of good
restaurants and lively bars.
Travel into the hinterland of Montenegro and
the drama of nature intensifies. There are 5
national parks, culminating in the striking alpine
spaces of the spectacular Durmitor National Park
where you can hike though unspoilt
pastureland, ski past 2000-metre-plus peaks, or
raft through the colossal Tara Canyon.
, Wild Beauty
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