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Discovering Northern California
the many wineries and tasting the fruit of the vines.
For the ultimate indulgence, why not stay close to
the finest vineyards around Rutherford at the
exclusive, Auberge du Soleil.
In comparison to the open, sandy beaches of
Southern California, the Northern coastline from
Monterey County to the wildernesses of the far
north is rocky and at times covered in great
swathes of Redwood forests. Perhaps the best
known stretch lies between the sleepy town of
Carmel, 125 miles south of San Francisco, and San
Simeon, 240 miles north of Los Angeles.
Known as Big Sur, the area is famous for the highly
scenic 89-mile drive along Highway 1, which hugs
a meandering and often precipitous coastline that
rises and falls throughmany incredibly picturesque
headlands and craggy bays. Whilst a popular
touring destination, the area remains sparsely
populated, in no small part due to the Santa Lucia
Mountains, which rise steeply near the coast,
marking one of the largest roadless areas near a
coast in mainland USA (not including Alaska).
For truly monumental natural vistas, the ultimate
outdoor lifestyle awaits on the western flank of the
State, where the vast Sierra Nevada mountain
range extends 400 miles north-to-south. The Sierra
is home to three national parks, 20 wilderness areas
including Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in
North America and Yosemite Valley sculpted by
glaciers out of 100-million-year-old granite.
At a surface elevation of 6,225 ft, Lake Tahoe is a
hugely popular summer activity and winter
sports destination. The surrounding mountains
offer some of the best powder skiing
playgrounds, whilst the freshwater lake itself is
famed for the clarity of its waters and the mantle
of alpine forests that cloak its banks.
Auberge du Soleil
, Napa Valley
Gourmet delights amid the vineyards of Rutherford
Post Ranch Inn
, Carmel
Adult-only refinement on the edge of Big Sur
The Post Ranch Inn, located in Big Sur, California is simply heaven on
earth. From its position above the cloud line, its easy to understand why.
Known amongst the Hollywood elite as the ultimate weekend escape,
Post Ranch Inn offers 39 secluded suites scattered along the cliff top.,
Post Ranch Inn is where you come to relax and reconnect with yourself,
your partner and the environment. With this in mind, guestrooms do not
include televisions or alarm clocks. This is also a grown-ups only getaway.
Auberge du Soleil began life as a highly acclaimed restaurant. Today’s
Auberge also includes 52 rooms and cottages as well as a superb 7,000
sq. ft spa and a glorious pavilion that overlooks Napa Valley.
The rooms, suites and cottages have a Mediterranean design, complete
with shuttered windows and Italian bed linen.
The restaurant still retains its excellent reputation, and has been awarded
the title of Napa's best restaurant. This, along with its location in
prestigious wine country, makes the hotel a food lover’s dream.
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