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taly really has got it all! To begin with it’s one vast art emporium, bursting with classical paintings and sculptures,

fabulous Renaissance buildings and medieval hilltop villages. To be honest the story really has not stopped since

the Romans, and their modern counterparts are accomplished hosts, who understand the better things in life.

The country also has great style from cutting edge fashion to fast cars, and the food

is simply sublime. As if this was not enough there is also the sheer diversity of

scenery - from snow-clad Alpine slopes and Tuscan hillsides to sun-

drenched Sicilian beaches. The truth is, and this is reflected in its enduring

popularity, “La Bella Italia” is in a league of its own.

Join us as we embark on a whistle-stop tour of some of her favourite

regions, and in the course of our journey we hope to highlight

some wonderful, yet intimate hotels to add that extra fizz to the

glass! We will begin with the three classic cities and then into the

countryside and finally onwards to her coast and islands...


enice, more than any other city in the world is a living

museum. Although its whole reason for existence is now firmly

entrenched in a struggle against nature to preserve its historic

buildings, the romance of the floating city is unquestionable. Every

classical building has a treasure to reveal and every street, alleyway

and waterway delivers surprises. To just meander without a care in

the world is the best way to sample her delights.

And if you are so lucky as to stay for a few nights in Venice then be

sure to book into one of the city’s treasures.


, on the

Grand Canal, is a 15th century Palace that still preserves the

untouched beauty of an ancient noble Residence. It oozes romance

while the opulently frescoed ballroom and lounge echoes with epic

events of the past. Just gliding up the imposing marble staircase;

whilst resisting a tap on a cherub’s peachy cheek, feels positively

regal. Ca’ Sagredo’s views of the canal life and the historical Rialto

Market opposite are storybook scenes of old. The hotel’s 42

magnificently appointed rooms and suites are a seriously suggestive

sight to behold with classic Venetian styling.

Art lovers be warned: there are so many treasures here, it’s easy to

forget the outside world. But there’s always the hotel’s panoramic

waterside L’Alcova restaurant with terrace over the Grand Canal to

remind you, serving dishes that are a celebration of Italy on a plate.


A journey through her most popular cities and regions

Palace on the Grand Canal

Don’t just visit Venice it!