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amous for it’s 60 small islands, The Caribbean’s best sailing and luxury hotels, The

British Virgin Islands are now boasting a plentiful collection of beautiful villas for

families and groups.

With prices ranging from £4000 a week and upwards to the brand new 22 bedroom villa,

The Branson Estate, owned by Richard Branson on Moskito Island, the islands are fully

prepared with a host of services available from chefs, nannies, spa treatments and butlers.

Whatever you require, it is bespoke and tailor made.

The safety of this unspoilt country makes The British Virgin Islands a perfect villa holiday

destination enabling guests to enjoy the many restaurants, bars, uncrowded beaches

and local events.

Whether you want a stand alone villa on the beach or a villa within a resort, The British

Virgin Islands has the perfect home away from home waiting for you.

Hire a slice of Heaven

The growth of the villa market throughout the British Virgin Islands