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magine the thrill of setting out to sea, coming into

harbours for the first time, nearing the loveliest

islands with landscapes covered in olive trees and

wild thyme. Admire the monuments of civilisations

past and present. Join the bustle of lively towns with

names that summon up ancient histories and myths

and, later, watch their distant lights fade into dusk

and into the hush of a night in a tranquil bay. This is

a Westminster Classic Tours holiday.

Westminster Classic Tours specialise in small-group

tours along the breath-taking coastlines of Turkey,

Croatia and the Greek Islands. Cruising in fully-

crewed elegant gulets guests retrace the paths of

early cartographers to explore the “Wonders of the

World” as well as rarely glimpsed classical sites.

The tour leaders and lecturers are experts in their

field, each with a passion for the sites visited and

each with a desire to share their knowledge. Over

evening drinks they give short daily talks on the

wonders that await the following day. Afterwards

guests enjoy dinner prepared by the on-board cook

using local seasonal produce – sometimes just fished

out of the sea!

Their graceful gulets can be anchored in secluded

bays for swimming in crystal clear waters or moored

alongside a jetty for exploring local markets,

museums and harbourside cafes. And these moving

hotels have something for everyone; adults will enjoy

the serenity and relaxation onboard while the kids

will revel in the waters of the Mediterranean,

kayaking and snorkelling.

Whether you are a lone traveller looking to join a small

group or a small group wishing to travel alone,

Westminster Tours have a gulet experience just for you.

Gulet Cruising

Seriously stimulating holidays with

Westminster Classic Tours