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ocated deep in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in western Uganda, this intimate lodge

offers luxury in the midst of one of Africa's most amazing natural environments. A

UNESCO World Heritage site, Bwindi is one of the most biologically diverse areas

on earth including 113 species of mammals (including a herd of the rare forest elephant),

200 species of butterfly and over 360 species of birds. In addition, Bwindi is home to

seven species of primates of which the most endangered is the elusive mountain

gorilla. Only 700 of these magnificent animals remain worldwide and Bwindi is home

to just over half of them.

Gorilla Forest Camp has a bar and dining cottage as well as a natural raised platform

for open-air dining. At night, a traditional African campfire is lit where the gorilla

briefings take place. Cuisine and service has been described as the best in Uganda.

Experienced guides will accompany you on your gorilla trekking where a maximum

of eight visitors are allowed to each gorilla family group. Tracking can take anything

between half an hour and up to nine hours dependent on the family you are visiting.

You will also be trekking at altitudes of 5200 feet so a good level of fitness is required.

Designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, eight spacious double tents raised

off the ground on wooden platforms benefit from new en suite facilities that look out onto

the surrounding vegetation. Each tent has a spacious wooden veranda where you can relax,

enjoy a private meal or simply absorb the breath-taking scenery of the surrounding



xplora is a Chilean hotel and touring company that

promotes a very different type of luxury travel

experience. With Explora, luxury is about the

experience, not appearance. Explora thrives on remote

locations as they offer us a chance to withdraw and

detach from everyday life. The magnitude of the

Patagonian mountains or the Atacama Desert seems to

reorganize the different aspects of our lives, putting them

into perspective, widening our horizons and filling us

with fresh, new ideas.

Each of the three superlative hotels, Explora Patagonia,

Explora in Atacama and Explora Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

are staging points to a myriad of outdoor explorations

whilst their innovative programme of “Travesias”extend

the process into full-blown journeys of discovery

covering the substantial distances needed to appreciate

the grandeur of crossing the Andes or traversing the

Bolivian Altiplano, reaching the Uyuni salt flat and its

immaculate peacefulness. A large team of professional

guides are at always at hand to supervise the many and

diverse explorations, whether on foot or horseback.


- Reconnecting with the Wilderness

Celebrating the great outdoors within the dramatic landscapes of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia

Trips of a lifetime

Gorillas in the Mist,


Tracking endangered species at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp